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Janis Burenga founded Bailiwick in 1992 on the strength of two Fortune 100® public relations accounts — AT&T and its spin-off, Avaya. Over the years, a number of prestigious accounts were added to the Bailiwick roster, including the non-profit Saint Peter’s Healthcare System in New Brunswick and the not-for-profit GS1 US, the standards organization supplying barcodes and other supply chain solutions to industry; as well as a number of other technology and project-based clients. Although Burenga continues to take on writing assignments for select clients, she is semi-retired.

Bailiwick Success Stories in Brief

We did it for them and now we’re resting on our laurels!

Rely on Bailiwick

AT&T Consumer came to rely on Bailiwick resources to such an extent that it listed its Bailiwick representative as its subject matter expert – both internally and externally – for International Long-Distance, AT&T Travel Services, and AT&T Relay Services. (Due to AT&T policy, it was exceedingly rare to list contractors in this capacity. Bailiwick representatives were also given awards reserved for employees.)

Proactive campaigns

Proactive campaigns created by Bailiwick included the Ooh La La Laptop campaign focused on the business traveler, the SAT&T consumer quiz and a number of other creative campaigns for which it achieved significant coverage, including in the Wall Street Journal and Conde Nast Traveler. In addition, Bailiwick mounted an anti-slamming campaign aimed at the Spanish-speaking public for which it earned a PRSA award.

A bookcase for case studies

With just eight weeks before its annual sales kick-off, Avaya charged Bailiwick with developing, writing, designing and project-managing a book of 100 customer case study briefs. The resulting compendium, entitled ICONs was reprinted a number of times and the online version was one of the most popular downloads for this Fortune 100® company, an AT&T spin-off.

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